Should India play cricket with Pakistan?

After the first win by Pakistan over India in a world cup match, Pakistan is in a state of euphoria and is celebrating Eid a week before it’s actual dates( thinking it as a mini Eid).

On the other hand  Kashmir( an integral part of India) is in a state of verbal dispute between the Kashmir separationists and antiseparationists. This dispute gets even bitter when politicians make their presence felt. A Twitter post by separatist leader and chairman of the Awami Action Committee Mirwaiz Umar Farook has aggrevated the problem. Later he was perfectly replied by Indian cricketer Gautum Gambhir. Lots of kashmiris were found burning crackers and celebrating the victory of Pakistan or lose of India to say in particular.



After the loss of India, when the Indian players were going back to the dressing room a Pakistani fan taunted Mohammed Shami(Indian bowler) by asking ” Baap Kon Hai?(Who is the father now?)”. A fight would have occured between them but Dhoni was present at the right time to placate Shami.

All this events arouse questions whether India should play with Pakistan. I myself think that a sport should be kept at level of a sport only. There should be no indulgence from any other person, group or political party that would elevate the problem. If these problems of chauvinism are solved, then there would be no problem if the teams played with each other.




Author: Desai Harsh

A mechanical enthusiast with an optimistic mind.

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