The best fiction book to read

          This is one of the best science fiction book of all times. The book describes the animosity between religion and science. In the early times, science was not that much promulgated and religion had an upper hand over it. Religious people i.e. the church senates used thier power to hinder the progress of science and maintain thier dominance over them. They used to declare them as criminals and give them death penalties. They once imprisoned the great scientist Galileo as his theory opposed the geocentric model which religion had given. This maliced the scientists and they left Greek and formed the group Illuminati.

             Now after a long period, science is under full pace and people have been astonished by the miracles science can do. People  are more influenced by science and on the other hand religion has suffered a great debacle. The funds for the religion is decreasing and people are more prepossessed to science. 

            Meanwhile in a laboratory at CERN, a scientist and his daughter made a destructive weapon out of “no matter” which was called as antimatter . Uptil now science was not able to answer a question “From where did energy originate i.e from where did matter come into existence?” . Religion said it to be a miracle  of God . With this invention science would be able to show how something was created from nothing. Definitely, some religious people will remonstrate against it.

                           Before the invention was publicized, it was stolen by a hired criminal i.e the HASSASIN and the scientist was murdered. On the chest of the victim there was a symmetrical symbol i.e an ambigram which were only known to the Illuminati. This incidence aroused a possibility of the existence of Illuminati which were long before believed to be decimated. 

           The antimatter was seen on a wirless camera in the city of Rome, where presently the election process of the next pope was going on. Police was not able to locate the antimatter and was busy in search for the four cardinals that had been kidnapped on that day. The search for the timed antimatter bomb and the four cardinals was done with the help of a professor from Harvard and the daughter of the killed scientist. The real thrill is the difficulties and the pernicious situations they face to find the antimatter at the last moment.

         The final climax occurs when they come to know that the son of the dead pope had hired the hassassin and hide the canister. The son had deliberately done  this act and by  pretending to show that God had told him the place where the canister is, he persuades people to worship God. By showing the deadliness of the weapon he showed people how science could completely destroy mankind. But later, the son realizes his mistake and commits a suicide. The story ends by people being in a situation of dilemma of what had actually occurred and the selection of a new pope.

Game of thrones theories and predictions :

1. Tyrion Lannister is actually Tyrion Targaryen:

This may not be evidence based but it atleast holds a bit of merit. Tyrion has always been an outcast from his own Lannister family. Tywin once commented that Tyrion is “No son of mine”( it could also be persiflage). Also tyrian has the same color of hair as many of the Targaryen. Also he and Jon Snow had a sense of kinship in the first season.

2. Jaime will kill Cersie:

According to the prophecy of the foreteller, Cersie will lose all her children(and she actually does) and she will be killed by her younger brother. While we think of Tyrion to do this sororicide, we should not forget that Jaime is also younger to Cersie. Jaime, who is the ‘ king’s slayer ‘ might also slay the queen.

3. The fourth dragon egg:

There is another dragon egg and it is believed to be deep under the ocean.

4. Syrio Forel is alive as Jaqen Hghar:

 Although  Syrio was seen last fighting with the lanister men with a broken wooden sword, he was not shown dead.

Syrio and Jaqen both said that they are from Bravos. Also as Jaqen can change faces, it might be possible that he is actually Syrio changing faces and protecting and training Arya.

The person behind the girl in Bravos looks like Syrio.

Also both Syrio and Jaqen called Arya a boy.

5. Reunion of Arya and her wolf:

Arya separated from her wolf when it attacked the prince of kings landing(fearing it might be killed). There would be great eagerness to see the direwolf save Arya when she is in danger.

6. Jon Snow going North to catch a living white walker:

To prove that the white walkers exist , Jon Snow might go north to catch one. The aim of this might be to reunite the kingdoms against their strongest enemies.

7. Making of swords from dragon stone: 

The white walkers can only be killed with dragon stone. So some one is definitely going to make swords from dragon stones.

4 books that can change your thoughts and life entirely!!

          There is always that one  thing that changes your entire perception about living. It could be a life experience, a quote, or a statement by a prominent personality. If reading is what drives your thoughts, here are some books that you can count on to learn the art of thinking.


         It’s the very first Inspirational book I read. The book talks about the conscious and the subconscious mind and the influence of them on our life. It talks about the methods with which we can control the above two and live the life of our dreams.


         It explains how your ability to reach goals and succeed depends on mastering the two systems of your brain. It guides you how proper coordination between the slow(logical and deliberate system ) and fast (emotional and intuitive) system can help you succeed. 


        This book is one of the best sellers of the early time. It is divided into various chapters based on the different millionaires the author had the chance to visit. It talks about the thinking process of those successful people and the way they turned from ordinary to extraordinary. A must read book for those wishing to earn lots of money.


        Enough of being sophisticated. It’s time to think like a freak and make the most of the available resources. Innovate. Disrupt. Create your own path. This is exactly what this book is about. Writers Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt aim to retrain your brain to think out of the box and find out the obvious and easier solutions otherwise often missed by common thinkers.


Should India play cricket with Pakistan?

After the first win by Pakistan over India in a world cup match, Pakistan is in a state of euphoria and is celebrating Eid a week before it’s actual dates( thinking it as a mini Eid).

On the other hand  Kashmir( an integral part of India) is in a state of verbal dispute between the Kashmir separationists and antiseparationists. This dispute gets even bitter when politicians make their presence felt. A Twitter post by separatist leader and chairman of the Awami Action Committee Mirwaiz Umar Farook has aggrevated the problem. Later he was perfectly replied by Indian cricketer Gautum Gambhir. Lots of kashmiris were found burning crackers and celebrating the victory of Pakistan or lose of India to say in particular.



After the loss of India, when the Indian players were going back to the dressing room a Pakistani fan taunted Mohammed Shami(Indian bowler) by asking ” Baap Kon Hai?(Who is the father now?)”. A fight would have occured between them but Dhoni was present at the right time to placate Shami.

All this events arouse questions whether India should play with Pakistan. I myself think that a sport should be kept at level of a sport only. There should be no indulgence from any other person, group or political party that would elevate the problem. If these problems of chauvinism are solved, then there would be no problem if the teams played with each other.